Roots the Movie,and Moorish Science.


In this day and age the average so called “black” man or women believe that they are black,colored,negro,african american,etc.This may sound a little weird to some, but I can prove to you that this is facts. Now the question would be, why is there so many descendants of Northwest Amexum so confused? Well it all started in the church,with the doctrine of discovery and the forcing of christianity on the aboriginal people of the land.As a youth growing up, I often heard europeans say “we found yall in the jungles and civilized yall”,okay but, what does that mean? If you are so called “black”,well then I’m almost certain that you seen the movie “Roots”by Alex Haley. On that movie, in the first parts when  Kunta Kinte was a young man, he became a mandingo warrior and was sent out in the jungle to find some wood to create a drum. Now, in this movie there is a lot of keys if your third eye is open,that directly correlate to the moors of North West Amexum here is a couple of things I noticed in the motion picture.                                                   1. First Kunta Kinte is a Mandingo warrior, and these mandingo warriors was known to be from North West Africa (Amexum), in my opinion this was a deliberate lie to say that he came from across the atlantic, because there is positive evidence that europeans were kidnapping the indigenous peoples from the north to bring them to the south, and sell them as slaves             2.The movie is titles “Roots” hence the direct correlation to “Ruth” the Moabite in the King James version of the bible, if you do a little research you will discover that Ruth nationality was Moabite which is the modern day name for Canaanites, and which today we call Moroccans, which the people of today in America are aboriginal to the land, who are direct descendants of Moroccans,(moabites -canaanites )born in American, which are called today Moorish Americans.                                                                                                                                         rth 3.Kunta Kinte religion or faith was Islam, which was the religion of the so called West Indians, who were found on the land by the Europeans.In the movie, Kunta called for Allah assistance several times. Kunta, was given a Christian name, it was Toby. Kunta, refused the name until he was caught trying to escape and whipped and beat until he accepted the christian name, “Toby”.Now do see what Europeans mean when they say they civilized us? They literally whipped and beat us until we just gave in an accepted the name, that was forced on us and with the name comes the religion, and then the confusion of identity which can,and did create self hate among the captured slaves, which is a mental injury this is what we suffer from today. 4.On the movie Chicken George last name was Moor, George Moor, and George was a free man in the movies,hence the indigenous Moors on the land were free on the land, even during the slavery period.In the scene when George came back home from being in Europe he came on a “white” horse with a red coat and a green s scarf.The white horse represent the (free white persons, you can look that up in a blacks law dictionary 4th edition) on the land which is the moors,our national flag is a red flag with a green pointed star in the middle. When George returned to his family he was wearing a red coat with a green scarf,coincidence I think not.flag


About linky504

Hi, my name is Anthony Bey I'm a researcher, writer, author,vegan, naturalist, Moorish American by blood , and this is my side of the story.Born and raised in New Orleans Louisiana, I grew up as a youth just doing what most of us ghetto children do in the (hood),-try to find a way out, due to katrina I moved away from New Orleans and had the opportunity to see what people was living like in other states, just to realize that we wasn't living at all down in New Orleans, our education system was poor, our neigborhoods was poor, which caused us to make poor decisions,which in turn injured us, and due to Hurricane Katrina I traveled and learned and discovered knowlwdge that most of us don't know, ignore, or simply don't care or have time and space to care about it ,but it still remains to be the root cause of our suffering as a people, we are moors the aboriginal people on the land. The history and evidence is everywhere but as a people we don't see it, so I promised myself I would do better and be better and here I am years later sharing my life lessons and knowledge and spreading that peace & love all over the universe. Islam
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