Where do we go from here ?

The last couple of days my timeline has been flooded, with unfortunate images, and tragic  stories of people coming up missing in particularly young women, between the ages of about 22 and under in my city New Orleans. I just read of a young lady the other day who’s body parts where scatters over the I-10 near bullard in the east, now what was so twisted about this story and incident is nobody knows how she get there, how she get bruises on her body as if she was brutally beaten before she died, this just don’t add up because this girl is just a 16 years old young lady. The first thing that came to mind when I read of the incident was this story just don’t sound right, you know when you here a thing and your instinct just tell you that naw,that don’t  add up;Her name was Kaylin Ward she was young,  beautiful and rebellious like a lot of teens girls in New Orleans. I say that to say this the minute I TWO-TEEN-GIRLSheard this story I felt a certain type of way, like this  is much more than a rebellious teen case this  is a case of wicked games being played, vampirism.                                                                                                                               Somebody, watched this little girl moves and waited for the perfect time to strike, and then made it look like she had it coming, “she was a bad girl” but I see something diffrent they say she “was killed while walking or attempting to cross the interstate in the dark; that’s just crazy, I know how it be in the city when I was a teen, we be out all night a stuff like under age being grown or at least thinking we was; but we never be alone we and always stay where people and  lights were, now that’s back in my day but I’m sure nothing changed, It almost never do in New Orleans.but its was all just my thoughts and opinion until a week later when another teen was left on  metarie, body parts scattered over the I-10 almost the same identical incident happen all over again to you guessed it. Young rebellious teen here name was Jasilas Wright.29921C1D00000578-3121613-image-a-5_1434123453610She was only 19 now who is outhere brutally murdering our young ladies? Now as i write this blog, I can’t help but to think about how they killed the  moabite, aboriginal women, so-call witches they would have witch hunt kill our women in such a brutal way, simular to this. Then try to justify it with the roman laws,{the same laws that killed jesus} such as the doctrine of discovery and the spanish inquisition things of that nature, then call us pagans and all kind of crazy things like that. It seems to me that they are trying to put out a message  to the city. I even here some people say that there a serial killer on the lose, now I maybe  wrong but there’s a bunch or serial killers on the lose in New Orleans to some extend, New Orleans has always been a city of crime a murder.But the killers in that city don’t pull off acts like that , only vampires do. They just simply shoot you and that’s a done deal.I’m just being honest, about how it is  and this makes me think about the Atlanta so called serial killer, I’m not saying that he was perfect but he was definetly not a killer.  He was framed and he sitting in jail right now for somehting he didn’t do, now all that is to say this we need to rethink the way we look at things, and us common sense my people. Rest in peace to these young women and peace and love to the city.


About linky504

Hi, my name is Anthony Bey I'm a researcher, writer, author,vegan, naturalist, Moorish American by blood , and this is my side of the story.Born and raised in New Orleans Louisiana, I grew up as a youth just doing what most of us ghetto children do in the (hood),-try to find a way out, due to katrina I moved away from New Orleans and had the opportunity to see what people was living like in other states, just to realize that we wasn't living at all down in New Orleans, our education system was poor, our neigborhoods was poor, which caused us to make poor decisions,which in turn injured us, and due to Hurricane Katrina I traveled and learned and discovered knowlwdge that most of us don't know, ignore, or simply don't care or have time and space to care about it ,but it still remains to be the root cause of our suffering as a people, we are moors the aboriginal people on the land. The history and evidence is everywhere but as a people we don't see it, so I promised myself I would do better and be better and here I am years later sharing my life lessons and knowledge and spreading that peace & love all over the universe. Islam
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