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Breaking News of one our family members that were brutally murdered!!! Stand!!!

Originally posted on Moorish News:
Below is a very disturbing video clip of an innocent young man who was murdered by the corporate security of NEW YORK CITY Corporation. Everyone needs to write a cause of action regarding this. This…

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MOS TV: Correcting misunderstandings of Brother Polight about Noble Drew Ali and the Holy Koran Circle 7

Originally posted on Moorish Oakland Star:
Islam. If you are claiming to be a scholar, teacher, lecturer, etc, and you speak about Noble Drew Ali, The Holy Koran Circle 7, or the Moorish Divine and National Movement, I humbly and…

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My Skin is My Sin!

Originally posted on Kushite Kingdom:
This interview with Malcolm X was back in 1964. But when the issue is police brutality,the problem is still very relevant. This has been going on a very long time. TOO long in my opinion. This…

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